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Global Responsibility Report Goals & Progress 2013

2014 global responsibility report

2013 Year in Review

Since Starbucks opened its doors more than four decades ago, we have always set out to be a different kind of company. Our mission: to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.

In 2013 we continued to live up to that mission in the way we sourced our products, invested in our communities, and minimized our environmental footprint.

Just as every customer interaction is built upon the relationships our partners form each day with our customers, so too is our human connection with farmers and suppliers is an essential part of ethically sourcing our products. We opened our first Farmer Support Center in Costa Rica in 2004 to implement our C.A.F.E. (Coffee and Farmer Equity) Practices, and now serve farmers with additional locations in China, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Colombia and Guatemala. Our direct work on the ground has been essential to the program taking root in coffee-growing communities, and this year 95% of our coffee purchases met the C.A.F.E. Practices standard.

With our business, we know that we must constantly develop innovative and flexible solutions. We have found we need to be equally nimble when it comes to our community efforts. In March 2013 Starbucks announced a first-of-its-kind initiative to create employment opportunities for job-ready disengaged youth. Building on the learnings and success of Starbucks Youth Leadership initiatives, Starbucks awarded an initial $1 million grant for the development of a nonprofit corporation - LeadersUp, that will bring community-based resources to provide job and leadership skills training to young people. We are also reimagining educational opportunities for Starbucks partners and young people in our communities.

We continue to make progress in our environmental efforts, even as our business continues to grow and evolve. We reduced our water use by more than 21% over our baseline levels, and are nearing our goal of a 25% savings by 2015. Recycling continues to be a complex and multi-layered issued for us, but we are pleased to be able to offer front-of-store recycling to 67% more locations over the past year. We also expanded our green building program, with LEED-certified stores in 18 countries, and the inclusion of green building strategies in all remodels and new construction.

Although we are not perfect, we are unwavering in our commitment to Starbucks mission. With every cup in every community, to make a positive impact with those we serve.

Blair Taylor
chief community officer

Blair Taylor

What is the Role and Responsibility of a For-Profit, Public Company?

Aspire > Partner > Innovate > LearnIn 2008 we set a series of ambitious goals where we felt we could use our scale for the greatest good in the areas of ethical sourcing, environmental impact and community improvement. We had a vision that by 2015, we could fundamentally transform the way our company approaches corporate social responsibility and imprint these values into our business.

Since then we have achieved a number of goals, and created new ones. With others, we encountered obstacles and faced unforeseen challenges as our operations became more global and complex, growing to a nearly $15 billion a year business with approximately 20,000 stores in more than 60 countries. But with each goal, we’ve made forward progress and learned valuable lessons that are informing our future direction.

Our approach forms a cycle: we set aspirational goals; find collaborators, especially among our 200,000 partners, who can share their expertise and amplify our efforts; create innovative solutions; and use what we’ve learned to inform our next steps. With each revolution of the wheel, we expand our impact and engage our customers and partners in the journey.

As 2015 comes into view, we recognize that this is not the end of our commitment. But rather it is a new beginning. Tapping the experience, passion, and resourcefulness of our partners, customers, and you, we want to invite you to help us answer the question we ask ourselves everyday: What is the role and responsibility of a for-profit, public company?

Share your views and help shape our efforts at My Starbucks Idea or simply email us at Thanks for helping us.

John Kelly
senior vice president, Global Responsibility and Public Policy

John Kelly