Greener Stores

We’re creating more eco-conscious stores on a global scale from the design stage right through to construction and operations

Reclamation Store

Starbucks has been a leader for more than a decade in the development and implementation of a scalable green building program for retail companies like ours. We joined the U.S. Green Building Council® (USGBC) in 2001 and collaborated with them to develop the LEED® for Retail program, an effort to adapt LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) to new construction and commercial interior strategies for retail businesses. We opened our first LEED certified store in 2005 in Hillsboro, Oregon.

In 2008, we challenged ourselves to use LEED certification not just for flagship stores and larger buildings, but every new, company-operated store.

Now, we are the largest builder of green stores in our sector, opening more than 1,600 LEED certified stores in 20 countries.

We’ve come a long way since opening our first LEED-certified store, and now look to the future of Greener Retail.

Our Goal: Designing, building and operating 10,000 “Greener Stores” globally by 2025

In our next evolution of Green Building we are going beyond designing, building and renovating our stores to LEED standards. We are developing a new store verification program that drives innovation, sustainability and efficiencies throughout our store portfolio. We are partnering with experts including SCS Global Services and World Wildlife Fund, to develop a new, open-sourced Starbucks Greener Stores operations framework. Through this program we will ensure Starbucks stores continue to minimize their environmental footprint and contribute to a sustainable future. These standards will ensure Starbucks stores are effectively operated to achieve water and energy efficiency, divert waste, are built with responsible materials, are powered by renewable energy and deliver a heathy environment for our partner and customers – promoting engagement in sustainability.

With performance-based standards that incorporate design and extend throughout the life of a store, “Starbucks Greener Stores” will focus on:

  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY & WATER STEWARDSHIP: Deploying technologies and practices that ultimately deliver 30 percent water savings and 25 percent avoided energy over historic store design practices.
  • RENEWABLE ENERGY: Powering stores by 100 percent renewable energy through investments in country-specific solar and wind projects.
  • HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT: Designing and operating stores to create a comfortable experience that promotes wellness for partners and customers, including lighting, noise, air quality and temperature.
  • RESPONSIBLE MATERIALS: Ensuring materials and products for stores are responsibly and sustainably sourced.
  • WASTE DIVERSION: Designing and operating stores to reduce waste.
  • ENGAGEMENT: Inspiring a culture of sustainability and empowering partners to take action, be informed, and engage in sustainability issues and practices.