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Starbucks Reserve® Sumatra Blue Batak

A meticulous process, honed for centuries by the Batak tribe

On the southern shores of Lake Toba, in Sumatra’s prized coffee-growing region, Batak tribe members grow big, bold coffee that’s smooth and earthy with deep, syrupy body and sweet herbal notes.

After the ripest cherries are handpicked, they’re painstakingly wet-hulled in small batches. The unique processing method, which requires constant attention due to the humid climate, gives the unroasted beans a distinct blue tint and contributes to the complex herbal flavor, redolent of the lush, fertile land.

Currently Available

  • Producer: Small-hold farmers in the Lintong region of Sumatra
  • Elevation: 3,900-5,200 ft.
  • Processing Method: Semi-Washed
  • Tasting Notes: Smooth and earthy with deep, syrupy body and sweet herbal notes
  • Flavor Intensity: Medium
  • Body: Full
  • Acidity: Low
  • Pairing Flavors: Cheese, chocolate savory herbs and spices