Android Privacy Policy

Android Privacy Policy

Last Revised: January 6, 2017

Please read the following provisions, as well as the complete Starbucks Privacy Policy (located at, carefully to understand how Starbucks collects, uses and discloses personally identifiable information from its users, including with respect to the Starbucks mobile application (“Application”). By downloading, installing, accessing or using the Application, you consent to all actions that we take with respect to your data consistent with our Privacy Policy and the following provisions.

User Information

Some functionality of the Application, including using a device operating on an Android platform (“Device”) to purchase Starbucks products in the same manner as is possible with a Starbucks stored value card (“Starbucks Card”) (“Mobile Payment”), using the Application to order and pay for certain Starbucks products using a Starbucks stored value card prior to arrival at the store (“MOP”), , location-based services and functionality, iBeacons or other location-based technology to enhance the user experience, and access of User’s address book may require the transmission of information provided by the User including user names and passwords, addresses, e-mail addresses, phone number, financial information (such as credit card numbers), information related to a Starbucks Card, employer name, or GPS location (“User Information”). In order to use certain Application functionality, such as MOP and location-based services and technology, User must either (a) enable “location services” in the Application; and/or (b) set the permissions in his or her mobile device to allow communication of this information. If the User uses such Application functionality, the User consents to the transmission of User Information to Starbucks and/or its agents, and authorizes Starbucks and/or its agents, to record, process, and store such User Information as necessary for the Application functionality and for purposes described in the Starbucks Privacy Policy. Please see the Privacy Policy for more information about how we may use and store such User Information, and how to opt out of sharing User Information, including GPS location.

If you choose to use Application functionality that allow you to send messages or eGifts to third parties, you must obtain their permission to provide their personal information, such as their name, phone number or email address, to Starbucks. The referred information will be used by Starbucks for the purpose of contacting the third party, on your behalf, to carry out the requested functionality, for example, by emailing an eGift.

The User is solely responsible for maintenance of the confidentiality and security of any User Information which the User transmitted from or stored on a Device for purposes of the Application, including Mobile Payment and MOP, for all transactions and other activities undertaken with any Starbucks Card registered in the User’s name, whether authorized or unauthorized. The User agrees to immediately notify Starbucks of any unauthorized transactions associated with the Application including Mobile Payment and MOP, or any other breach of security. Starbucks shall not be responsible for any losses arising out of the loss or theft of User Information which the User transmitted from or stored on a Device or from unauthorized or fraudulent transactions associated with the Application.

Email Communications, Push Notifications, and In-App Messages

If a User signs up for a Starbucks account using the Application, the User is, by default, opted in to receive promotional email communications from Starbucks (“Email Communications”). The User may, at the time of sign up, opt out of receiving Email Communications from Starbucks. Thereafter, the User may opt out of receiving Email Communications solely by adjusting the User’s profile settings in the User’s Starbucks account via

Similarly, upon download of this Application, the User is, provided the option to opt into receive push notifications from Starbucks on his or her Device. This may include promotional communications, offers, and system messages pushed to the Device or within the Application mailbox (“Push Notifications”). The User may, at any time following download of this Application, opt out of receiving Push Notifications by type by adjusting the “Starbucks Notifications” switch within the Application settings to “off", or within the Device’s settings application under "Notifications" to completely opt out of Push Notifications. Opting out of Push Notifications will not affect User settings with respect to Email Communications.

Finally, by using this Application, in-app messages will automatically be displayed to the User via the Application’s display tiles and/or sent to the User via the Application’s inbox, including promotional communications and offers. If the User does not wish to see or receive such messages, the User must cease use of the Application.