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Veterans and Military Support

The civic engagement of the veteran community is unparalleled. They inspire us to do more together as citizens. And that includes the 8,000 veterans and military spouses we’ve honored since 2014. Join us in supporting organizations that unite veterans and community members to serve our neighborhoods – Team Red, White & Blue, Team Rubicon and The Mission Continues. Commit to serve with one of these organizations or one in your community on MLK Day, January 16, 2017.

To learn more about service projects near you, click here.

  1. Career Opportunities
    Starbucks Veterans Green Apron

    We recognize the considerable leadership skills and work ethic of our veterans and their spouses. It’s exactly what we look for in new employees, and we are honored every time they join our team. We encourage you to explore our open positions and unique benefits including the Starbucks College Achievement Plan.

  2. Redefining Leadership

    Veterans are invaluable to the success of our business and play a critical role in strengthening communities nationwide. They are more civically engaged than their civilian counterparts and are more likely to vote, contact public officials, give to charity and volunteer. This year, we’re bringing together civilians, veterans and military spouses through service. Starbucks has partnered with Team Red, White and Blue, Team Rubicon and The Mission Continues as a way to honor and serve with veterans and military spouses nationwide. Together, we can bridge the civilian military divide and positively impact communities.

  3. Military Community Field Guide

    The Starbucks Military Community Field Guide is a resource used by retail leaders to promote civic engagement in the military communities we serve. Designed to build civilian and military connections, the Field Guide also provides essential military knowledge and resources for hiring, honoring, and recognizing Starbucks Partners who are veterans or military spouses. View the Starbucks Military Community Field Guide.

  4. Veteran & Military Culture

    The Starbucks Armed Forces Network is open to all partners and their families who are veterans or supporters. Our mission is to help veterans transition to civilian employment and give all partners the opportunity to strengthen connections and support a culture that embraces our military partners and their families. Learn more by visiting our Facebook page.

  5. Military Family Stores

    Starbucks Military Family Stores are dedicated to the men and women united by their courage to serve our country. They are a place to work, to unwind, to gather, and to build a stronger community. Starbucks has dedicated 30 of these stores, serving as the model for engaging within military communities through our Military Monday’s and Adopt a Unit Programs.

  6. Veterans Card & eGift

    Show appreciation for the Veteran in your life and say thank you with an eGift. Send an eGift now.

Newsroom Updates

Updates and information on our veterans programs and ways you can help.

Volunteer Opportunities

Join us in supporting and celebrating our veterans.

Blue Star Families
The Mission Continues
Team Red, White & Blue
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