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We have deep relationships with many coffee growing communities in Africa. Their health and prosperity are important to us, and we have an opportunity to help them thrive, and to use our size for good.

One way we support our global communities is through our ten-year partnership with (RED) – thanks to you we’ve contributed more than $14 million and counting. All donations generated through (STARBUCKS)RED campaigns have gone to the Global Fund to help finance HIV/AIDS prevention, education and treatment programs.

Together, we're making a difference.

There have been enormous gains in the fight against AIDS in the last decade, but also persistent challenges. We believe the elimination of mother to child transmissions by 2020 and the end of AIDS as a public health threat by 2030 is possible, but only with continued funding and focus. Without these efforts, the epidemic threatens to outpace the response and undo the progress that’s been achieved.

Story of Impact

Meet Fabiola and Josephine. Just a few years ago they were strangers, orphans living separate lives in Rwanda yet connected by the burden of an HIV diagnosis. Everything changed when they met at a weekly HIV support group at the (RED)-funded Nyammata Hospital. The group equips young HIV-positive people with the tools necessary to live happy, healthy and productive lives. Thanks to their friendship and the encouragement of others in their support group, Fabiola and Josephine’s lives have been transformed from being homeless, jobless, and extremely sick, to living under proper care, pursuing an education, and adhering a treatment regimen that provides them the health and confidence needed to embrace their bright future. Photo by Jonx Pillemer/(RED).

To learn more about (RED) and join the conversation, visit red.org.

To learn more about the Global Fund, visit www.theglobalfund.org.