Starbucks Makes Global Commitment to Hire 10,000 Refugees by 2022

There are more than 65 million people identified by United Nations Refugee Agency as being forcibly displaced and more than 22.5 million of those are refugees. Refugees represent a population who seek a chance to rebuild their lives and have a fresh start in the face of extraordinarily difficult circumstances. In keeping with our long-standing history to create opportunity for all and to invest in the people who are a part of the communities where we do business, Starbucks is leading a global effort over the next five years to welcome and employ 10,000 refugees whose talent, experience and resilience will enrich the communities we serve around the world. This includes 2,500 refugees in Western Europe and 1,000 refugees in Canada. In the U.S. our efforts include a focus on hiring Special Immigrant Visa holders (SIVs), interpreters, personnel and their families who served alongside U.S. troops overseas.

  1. Refugee Hiring

    Starbucks will focus our initial efforts on markets where the refugee need is greatest and where we have a store base to meet the need. Applicants will need to have work authorization and will go through the same review and background check as all other potential partners. Our goal is to provide additional tools, resources and support within our current process to address the unique needs of refugee applicants and our hiring managers. Explore open roles.

  2. Opportunity for All

    As a leader in hiring great talent, Starbucks has and will always look to create opportunities for our partners (employees) and customers in the communities we serve.

    Specifically, in the U.S. through the Starbucks Military Commitment, we are on track to hire over 25,000 veterans and military spouses by 2025 and have already hired over 65,000 people ages 16-24 through our Opportunity Youth hiring commitment.

Partnering With Like-Minded Organizations

Starbucks has formally joined the UNHCR’s #WithRefugees Campaign and the Tent Partnership for Refugees to scale up our efforts and make a collective impact in the lives of refugees.

We have also partnered with key refugee resettlement agencies and non-governmental organizations for a talent pipeline, including the International Rescue Committee, UNHCR- The UN Refugee Agency, Hire Immigrants, and in the U.S., with No One Left Behind, an organization founded by a veteran and his translator, and dedicated to resettling interpreters, personnel and their families who served alongside U.S. forces.

Additionally, the Starbucks Foundation has played a key role in funding specialized job training programs to create job ready refugees. These programs are delivered through the International Rescue Committee, Refugee Council UK, ACCES Employment, Scottish Refugee Council Lutheran Immigration Services Northwest, 1951 Coffee, and Upwardly Global.

“No One Left Behind could not be more excited to partner with Starbucks on such a vital campaign. NOLB has been fighting for years to resettle our wartime allies here in America and this alliance validates our organization's work. Starbucks commitment to hiring such deserving veterans also validates the sacrifices these allies and their families have made for our country over the last 16 years.” – Matt Zeller, Co-founder and CEO

“Starbucks’ commitment shows how companies can tangibly help refugees. People forced to flee often arrive in new countries with specialist skills and the willingness to work hard. Above all, they want the dignity that comes with being able to support their own families. With jobs, refugees also integrate into their communities more quickly and bring tangible economic and social benefits. By signing the #WithRefugees petition and joining UNHCRs coalition we look forward to working further with Starbucks to show how we can all stand together #WithRefugees.” – Kelly T. Clements, Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees at UNHCR

“The IRC is thrilled to partner with Starbucks on their powerful and impactful commitment to hire 10,000 refugees globally over five years. One of the best ways for a refugee to integrate into a new community is through employment, and Starbucks’ pledge to provide these much-needed jobs will be a critical first step towards our clients’ self-sufficiency.” – David Miliband, President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee.