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Water Conservation

Water is a precious natural resource. Using it responsibly is essential to our company.


Much of the water in our stores is used to make coffee and tea beverages, and to run equipment such as dishwashers and ice machines.

2013 Report Update

Water Goal Chart
To learn more about our work in reducing water consumption read our Global Responsibility Goals & Progress Report.

In 2008 we set a goal to reduce water consumption by 25% in company-operated stores by 2015. Since then we’ve identified a number of opportunities to use this precious resource more wisely and have spent the last few years testing and validating these solutions. To date we have cut water consumption by 21.1% through several measures, including the use of efficient fixtures and equipment that actively monitors consumption to identify spikes in water usage and taking action, and upgrading the water filtration systems in our stores.

Our work on water also extends into water consumption, protection and access to clean drinking water in coffee-growing communities. Through C.A.F.E. Practices and the resources our agronomists provide coffee farmers at our six farmer support centers around the world, we can help increase their yield and quality, while still reducing water used for coffee processing, protecting rivers and streams and ensuring workers have access to clean drinking water.

What We Are Doing Now

Managing water that can be seen “going down the drain” provides one set of challenges, but much of our water footprint happens behind the scenes. Leaks can develop below floors, outside in sprinkler systems, even in toilets.

To combat these invisible foes, the Starbucks Energy and Resource Conservation team uses advanced analytics to identify stores that are using inordinate amounts of water. Facilities experts visit these stores to diagnose and rectify anomalies. This practice has mitigated excessive water use and has evolved into a robust program that provides rapid response to suspected water leaks.

What can you do to save water?

In our stores, make sure to let a Barista know if you see a leaky faucet or toilet. At home, Learn more about what you can do to save water.
Neglecting to fix a running toilet for just one month can waste 180,000 gallons of water, enough to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool nine times.