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    Buy (STARBUCKS)RED. Help save lives.

    We have deep relationships with many coffee growing communities in Africa. Their health and prosperity are important to us, and we have an opportunity to help them thrive, and to use our size for good.

    One way we support our global communities is through our seven-year partnership with (RED) – thanks to you we’ve raised $12 Million and counting. All donations generated through our (PRODUCT)RED products and programs go to the Global Fund to help finance HIV/AIDS prevention, education and treatment programs.

    Make a difference on World AIDS Day, December 1st

    1. Support (RED) Online

      Donate directly to the Global Fund at while you’re doing your Cyber Monday shopping by adding a $5 (RED) donation to your purchase.

    2. Buy A Handcrafted Beverage
      Starbucks and (RED)

      Purchase a handcrafted beverage at a participating Starbucks store in the US and Canada, and Starbucks will donate 10 cents (US) to the Global Fund to help fight AIDS.

    Together, we're making a difference.

    The world has reached a tipping point in the fight against AIDS. For the first time in 2013, there were more people newly added to treatment than newly infected with HIV in the same year (UNAIDS). We believe this is the beginning of the end of AIDS. But to end it, we must keep our feet on the gas.

    To learn about other ways you can make a difference on World AIDS Day visit the (RED) Facebook page at

    To learn more about the the Global Fund, visit

    On December 1, 2014, for each handcrafted beverage purchased at participating Starbucks® stores in the US and Canada, Starbucks will donate US$0.10 to The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria to support and fund prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS. For more information, visit For each handcrafted beverage purchased with a Starbucks Card registered in the My Starbucks Rewards ™ program at participating Starbucks retail stores in the United States on December 1, 2014, Bank of America Corporation will donate $0.10 to the U.S. Fund for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (the “U.S. Fund”) to support and fund prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS. Purchases of bottled drinks, other pre-made drinks, food items and merchandise are excluded, as are purchases at Starbucks food service locations such as Barnes & Noble Cafes. More information on the U.S. Fund is available at:

    Starbucks is Proud to Partner With:

    Story of Impact

    Meet Fabiola and Josephine. Just a few years ago they were strangers, orphans living separate lives in Rwanda yet connected by the burden of an HIV diagnosis. Everything changed when they met at a weekly HIV support group at the (RED)-funded Nyammata Hospital. The group equips young HIV-positive people with the tools necessary to live happy, healthy and productive lives. Thanks to their friendship and the encouragement of others in their support group, Fabiola and Josephine’s lives have been transformed from being homeless, jobless, and extremely sick, to living under proper care, pursuing an education, and adhering a treatment regimen that provides them the health and confidence needed to embrace their bright future. Photo by Jonx Pillemer/(RED).

    Thank You

    Exclusively for My Starbucks Rewards® members: Purchase your handcrafted beverage on World AIDS Day with a registered Starbucks Card at a participating store in the US, and (RED) partner Bank of America will donate 10 cents (US) to the US Fund for the Global Fund to help fight AIDS.