Community Service

Every Starbucks store is a part of a community, and we’re committed to strengthening neighborhoods wherever we do business.

We believe in the power of the coffeehouse to bring people together. Our stores allow Starbucks partners (employees) and customers to connect and tap into shared passions to be catalysts for change.

Throughout the year, our partners (employees) and customers dedicate their time and energy to create positive change in their local neighborhoods. During our Global Month of Service, this commitment to creating positive impact in communities is amplified as partners and customers participate in service projects around the world.

This April, we will kick off our fourth annual Global Month of Service where partners will lead community service projects focused on the individual needs of the neighborhoods where they live and work. We encourage you to check out the projects that are taking place near you, and invite you to get involved to make a positive impact in your community. See what we’re doing on Starbucks Community Service Website.

2013 Goals and Progress

starbucks community service

To learn more about our work in community service read our Global Responsibility Goals & Progress Report.

Coming together in service represents a fundamental act of citizenship for individuals, businesses and community members to create a stronger, more cohesive society. In 2013 we brought together our customers and partners, civic leaders, businesses and nonprofit organizations to contribute more than 630,000 hours of service globally.

What We're Doing Now

Customers and community members are invited to join in service throughout the year. In the U.S. and Canada, you can find nearby projects to join or lead on the Starbucks Community Service website or connect with a barista at your local Starbucks. With your support, we can keep making a positive impact—one person, one neighborhood at a time.

Find a Local Service Project

Join Local Service ProjectsU.S. and Canada
Join a community service project in your neighborhood. See what we're doing.