Landlord Billing & Payment


Starbucks Store Number

Starbucks has thousands of stores — and you’d be surprised how similar street names and city names are across North America. For this reason, we use store number and 2 letter state abbreviations to differentiate stores (Store #0000-WA). Your lease may also have the store number in the notice address section if the store number was assigned prior to lease execution. Store number references can also be found on most Starbucks communications to landlords, including rent checks, estoppel certificates and legal notices we send once the store has opened. Using the store number and 2 letter state abbreviation in all correspondence with us will help ensure that your property is properly identified. If you would like help identifying your store number, please ask our team via email,, be sure to include the address where the store is located.

Requests for Payment

General correspondence, invoices, budget updates and annual reconciliations can be sent to us via the Notice Address in the Lease or via email at To process any request we will need the Store Number and the nature of your inquiry in the subject line, e.g., “Utility Invoice” or “20xx Reconciliation,” etc. Any invoice or request for payment must contain reasonable detail of the outstanding charges. We may request additional backup documentation in order to process payment. Invoice processing may take up to 30 days before remittance is received.
General inquiries should be directed to to the Financial Lease Administration hotline, 206-318-4440.


Any legal demand notice, including a default, bankruptcy, change of ownership, or property management must be sent in hard copy to the Notice Address pursuant to the Lease.

New Store Initial Payment Process

Normally you will receive your first rent check 30 days or less as stated in your lease after the Starbucks Store has opened. Starbucks will send you a “Date Certificate” to the Legal Notice Address noted in the Lease to confirm important dates and other information. These items include possession date, rent commencement date, square footage, and any contingencies have been satisfied.

Once you have confirmed all of the Date Certificate information is accurate, please return a signed copy to the notice address or via email at

Utility and Trash Payment/Reimbursement

Any utility or trash invoice or request for payment must contain reasonable detail of the outstanding charges, including (1) dates of consumption (2) rate per unit and (3) actual consumption by Starbucks.

To expedite processing of your payment we recommend using the following templates, which can be downloaded, completed and mailed to the Notice Address.  Please include copies of the third party utility invoices for the same period as backup for these charges.

Starbucks Tenant Improvement Allowance

Please send the check to the following lockbox address and include the store number in the upper left hand corner of the check:

  • For US:
    Starbucks Corporation
    PO BOX 74008016
    CHICAGO, IL 60674-8016
  • For Canada (CAD Currency):
    Starbucks Coffee Canada
    c/o V7425C
    PO Box, 7400 Station Terminal
    Vancouver, BC V6B 4E2
  • For Canada (USD Currency):
    Starbucks Coffee Canada
    c/o V7425U
    PO Box, 7400 Station Terminal
    Vancouver, BC V6B 4E2

Frequently Requested W9s

Although the U.S. and Canadian Lockboxes do not accept delivery from most overnight delivery companies, they do accept overnight deliveries from the United States Postal Service.