Contacting Starbucks

Contacting Starbucks

Landlord Support Center

Starbucks Store Number

Starbucks use store number and 2 letter state abbreviations to differentiate stores (Store #0000-WA). Store number references can also be found on most Starbucks communications to landlords, including rent checks, estoppel certificates and legal notices.

Starbucks Legal Notice Address

As stated in your Lease, any demand, notice or declaration should be in writing and delivered to the notice address outlined in your lease.

Reporting an Emergency for a Physical issue at the store or responding to a notice from Starbucks.

In all cases that affect the physical condition of the store (such as flooding or fire), the Facilities Services Manager in your area is your primary point of contact.

Please call the Facilities Service Manager in your area to discuss the issue. If you are entitled to reimbursement from Starbucks for a specific repair, please WAIT TO BEGIN WORK ON REPAIRS until you have received a work order number from Starbucks for the issue. This will protect any reimbursement rights that you may be entitled to according to the Lease. We cannot take financial responsibility for repairs or replacement of items that have not been agreed to prior to work beginning.