We-Love-You Fridays FAQs

Starbucks will be treating Seattle-area customers to some of the best our hometown has to offer with the return of We-Love-You Fridays. Here's additional information about the 2012 program:

What events are being offered this year?

Here's a list of the events scheduled through June 8.

Which Starbucks stores are participating in We-Love-You Fridays?

Vouchers to attend the events can be picked up at these participating Seattle Starbucks locations.

How and when can I receive a voucher?

Our baristas will start handing out vouchers at 3pm on the following Fridays: May 18, May 25, June 1, and June 8.

How many vouchers are available in each store?

It varies by store based on the number of people it typically serves, but on average each store will have about 100 vouchers to pass out.

Do I have to buy anything to get a voucher?

No, there's no purchase required. Just ask a barista for a voucher (while supplies last).

How do I redeem my voucher?

Each voucher has specific instructions, and each promotional partner will redeem tickets directly.

How did you choose the promotional partners?

We are excited to partner with four great organizations that offer iconic Seattle experiences. Our 2012 partners include the Seattle International Film Festival, the Seattle Art Museum, The Seattle Theatre Group (STG), and the Woodland Park Zoo.

Why aren’t you partnering with the Mariners this year?

While we appreciate our partnership with the Mariners in previous years, we are excited to offer fresh experiences with some new hometown favorites for this year’s promotion.

Why did you decide to do this promotion on Friday afternoons?

We thought it would be a great way to start your weekends off right!

Is Starbucks offering We-Love-You Fridays in other markets?

No, this is for Seattle only - to thank our neighbors for all of their support over the last 40+ years.