Starbucks Digital Network - Error Page

We're Sorry - There seems to be an issue

It looks like you're having trouble downloading our free weekly Starbucks Digital Network download. Just to let you know – you can only download these in our stores, through the Wi-Fi Landing Page, or directly on iTunes if you have already picked up a Starbucks Pick of the Week card. If you have a Pick of the Week card that you would like to redeem, please redeem here:

How to get your free Starbucks Digital Network Downloads:

  1. Come into one of our stores and log on to our free Wi-Fi.
  2. Click into the Starbucks Digital Network
  3. Select the Pick of the Week Promotion
  4. Click on the "Get it free on iTunes" icon.
    1. if you have iTunes installed your content will download automatically
    2. if you don't you will need to copy the displayed code and paste it into the redeem field on iTunes at


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How to Find the Starbucks Digital Network

Connect to our free Wi-Fi in a store and bookmark

Having Trouble?

Call Google Wi-Fi Customer Contact Center

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