Goals & Progress: Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Goal: Purchase renewable energy equivalent to 100% of the electricity used in our company-owned stores by 2015


Made progress against our new global goal by purchasing the equivalent of more than 50% of electricity used in our global company-owned stores worldwide in 2011.

Renewable Energy

*U.S. and Canada company-owned stores
**Global company-owned stores

In addition to reducing our energy use, we’re increasingly focused on advancing the development of renewable energy sources through our purchasing practices. We’re hoping to help transform the energy landscape by supporting the development of the renewable power market.

In 2008 we set a goal to purchase renewable energy credits certificates (RECs) equivalent to 50 percent of the electricity used in our U.S. and Canada company-owned stores by 2010. The RECs that we purchase encourage the development of new clean energy sources by providing wind farm owners with additional revenue, which in turn helps them to sell electricity at prices that are competitive with power plants that use fossil fuels. In 2010 we exceeded our goal by 8 percent.

In 2011 we began working toward a new goal – to purchase the RECs equivalent to 100 percent of the energy electricity used in our company-owned stores globally by 2015. We now purchase renewable energy equivalent to more than 50 percent of the electricity used in our company-owned stores worldwide.

We are honored to be recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as one of the top ten private sector green power purchasers and as a member of the U.S. EPA Green Power Partnership.

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