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Ethos® Water Fund

It seems hard to imagine, but more than 1 billion people on our planet can’t get clean water to drink.

Hands collecting clean water in a vessel

Ethos® Water was created to help raise awareness about this terrible crisis and provide children with access to clean water. Every time you buy a bottle of Ethos® Water, you contribute $.05US ($.10CN in Canada) to the Ethos® Water Fund, part of the Starbucks Foundation. So far more than $12.3 million has been granted to help support water, sanitation and hygiene education programs in water-stressed countries – benefiting more than 500,000 people around the world. In 2014 grants were made to six NGOs in the following coffee-growing countries: Tanzania ($750K), Indonesia ($750K), Colombia ($1.1M), Guatemala ($480K) and Nicaragua ($300K).

Bottled Water Quality Reports

Here are reports from our bottlers about how we're ensuring the quality of Ethos Water:

  • Lucerne Foods, Inc. (Eng) (Esp)
  • Nature's Way Purewater Systems, Inc. (Eng) (Esp)