Evolution Fresh™ Smoothies

Fresh Start

Our smoothies start with 100% cold pressed Evolution Fresh™ juice. That means we high pressure process (HPP) our juice to help protect the flavor without adding any colors or flavors nature didn’t put there. Made with cold-pressed juice, and Dannon® nonfat Greek yogurt. Available in select stores.

  1. Strawberry Smoothie
    Evolution Fresh™ Strawberry Smoothie

    A new twist on a beloved classic. Made with apple and banana, plus nonfat Greek yogurt.

  2. Sweet Greens Smoothie
    Evolution Fresh™ Sweet Greens Smoothie

    A delicious vegetable and fruit smoothie with an assortment of green vegetables balanced with mango and banana, plus nonfat Greek yogurt.

  3. Mango Carrot Smoothie
    Evolution Fresh™ Mango Carrot Smoothie

    Sweet and flavorful mango with a blast of carrot—plus nonfat Greek yogurt.