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Protein Boxes

Now with more protein. Lunch is an important meal, and it needs to power you for the rest of the day. So we’ve taken our boxed lunches and improved them to meet your needs. The new Protein Boxes have at least 20 g of protein and a full cup of fruits and veggies. All boxed up and ready to travel.

  1. Eggs & Cheese

    Two cage-free eggs and a full cup of fruit with multigrain muesli bread and honey peanut-butter spread. Now with two eggs and more apple.

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  2. Smoked Turkey

    Turkey raised without antibiotics, served with Swiss cheese, pickled peppers, tangy cream-cheese spread and lettuce on flatbread.

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  3. BBQ Chicken

    Power slaw, smoky BBQ sauce, pepper Jack cheese, chicken raised without antibiotics, and chile-peach jam on flatbread.

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  4. Chicken Wrap

    Chicken raised without antibiotics, chile-lime slaw and peanut-coconut sauce in a chile tortilla burrito wrap. Now with more chicken and more peanut sauce.

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  5. PB&J

    A classic PB&J with string cheese, chocolate-covered raisins and Greek-yogurt ranch dip for the full cup of fruits and veggies. Now with more peanut butter and more jelly.

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  6. Cheese & Fruit

    Brie, Cheddar and Gouda with multigrain crackers and a full cup of fruit. Now with more cheese and more fruit.

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  7. Chicken & Quinoa

    Grilled chicken and medium-spiced chile vinaigrette is mixed with fresh greens, tomatoes, roasted corn, black beans, jicama, paprika and cojita.

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