Together We Can Make Every Day Veterans Day

“Thank you for your service” is not a conversation, but it’s a start. Keep it going. Ask him where he served. Ask her what she did in the military. Listen, learn and, most importantly, ask: “What’s next?”

Understand why we honor and celebrate those who’ve served. Put aside the myths and misconceptions and bridge the civilian-military divide by getting to know vets and the values they bring home to our communities. Read stories of commitment and valor - in war zones and at home - in For Love of Country.

Veterans embrace new challenges and set the bar high for themselves when they return to civilian life. They bring valuable leadership skills to the workplace. Whether it is dealing with complexity, strategic planning, or leadership qualities, the training and experience of our veterans makes them fast learners and excellent employees. For employers, the job or opportunity you have available can probably be done very well by a vet, and veterans will make your companies better.

Veterans don’t want handouts. Donate your time or money to organizations that are challenging and empowering veterans. Do what you can to allow veterans to put their leadership to good use after they leave the military. To learn more or donate to national organizations supporting this generation of veterans, visit

Most of us haven’t served in the military, but there are plenty of opportunities to serve in other ways. Volunteer where your passions lie, give blood, make your voice heard, vote—and do it in the name of our troops and their families.

Join the effort: Share what you have learned about and from veterans and their families. Post on social media, introduce For Love of Country to your book club, discuss the issues. We all gain from your willingness to share.