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  • errorbool

    A flag indicating that the radio input is in an error state.

  • errorMessagenode

    A message to display when the radio input is in an error state. Wrapped in a FieldStatus component by default.



An optional wrapper for groups of radio inputs. Passes name, required, onChange handler, and current checked status based on the value prop to any child radio inputs.


  • childrennode

    Components to be wrapped. Radio components and input elements with type="radio" have name, onChange, checked, and required passed to them. Other elements are passed through as-is.

  • namestring
  • onChangefunc
  • requiredbool
  • valuestring

    The value of the currently selected radio button. A convenient way to handle controlled radio inputs. If the value property of the radio input matches the passed in value, that input will be checked.

  • legendstring*

    Required description of radio buttons. Helpful for accessibility.