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Wraps provided children in a styled box that supports one or two call to action buttons. This is not a modal dialog, but rather is intended to rendered inline with other content.


  • buttonContainerClassNamestring

    Class applied to the container of the buttons

  • caretPositiononeOf('left', 'right')['left']

    If showCaret is true, the position of the caret. Defaults to left

  • childrenany

    The content that will appear in the body of the Confirmation Card

  • classNamestring
  • primaryCTAPropsobject

    Props to pass through to a Button

  • secondaryCTAPropsobject

    Props to pass through to a Button

  • shouldHaveFocusbool[false]

    Sets focus to the Confirmation Card when displayed

  • showCaretbool[false]

    Shows a caret on the bottom of the Confirmation Card.