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What Is Green Coffee Extract?

Experience Coffee In A Refreshingly New Way—Green And Unroasted

Starbucks is proud to introduce its newest innovation, an exciting line of beverages featuring green coffee extract. Now you can enjoy all the things you love about coffee, but with a fresh fruity flavor, and mild carbonation that’s unexpected.

With over 40 years of commitment to bringing you the world’s finest coffees, Starbucks is rethinking the possibilities with Starbucks Refreshers. Made with real fruit juices, they are packed with great things you can feel good about like Vitamin B, Ginseng and the antioxidants from Vitamin C; and are still under 60 calories each.

The key to refreshers is the boost of energy from the caffeine found naturally in green coffee extract. A unique process is used to pull the green coffee extract from 100% unroasted Arabica beans. Usually when coffee is harvested, the raw or “green coffee bean” is removed from the coffee cherry and processed. Traditionally, the coffee beans are then roasted where they develop their signature deep roasted color and flavor.

But when left unroasted, these green coffee beans retain the naturally occurring caffeine; while offering a mild, clean taste that allows for a variety of flavor opportunities that taste nothing like normal coffee. It’s coffee Reinvented.

Find the Roast You Love Most

Taste the entire Starbucks Roast Spectrum in stores January 12-14 to discover the roast that’s perfect for you. See event details.