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Starbucks Espresso

Starbucks Espresso

In 1983 Howard Schultz ordered a Caffé Latte in a coffee shop in Milan, Italy. Something clicked when he saw the espresso prepared before him. It was the undeniable degree of passion that went into crafting his drink, and the community formed around great coffee that made a lasting impression. He knew that he had discovered something special.

Today, upholding this attention to detail is just as important as the variety on our menu. Whether it's the pure and bold espresso flavor of a doppio or the creamy blend of a latte perfectly crafted, there's passion in every cup.

  1. Americano

    A celebration of espresso flavor—hot water poured over rich espresso for a cup that is as deep and dark as the coffee bean itself.

  2. Cappuccino

    Dark, rich espresso lies in wait under a smoothed and stretched layer of thick foam. It's truly the height of our baristas' craft.

  3. Doppio

    The heart and soul of all our espresso beverages. Each shot we pull has three distinct layers that create a deep, rich flavor.

  4. Macchiato

    Just a touch of milk foam on top of a perfect, robust espresso shot.

  5. Flat White

    Bold ristretto shots matched with the perfect amount of steamed milk to create a not too strong, not too creamy flavor.

  6. Latte

    Delicious espresso and steamed milk always blend perfectly with whatever flavors you desire to add.

  7. A generous pour of foamed milk marked with robust espresso for a rich creaminess and intensely bold finish.