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Discover how working at Starbucks and serving in the military relate.

Culture is vital. Working at Starbucks and serving in the military are similar in ways. Leadership in the military is all about having a focus on mission accomplishment and troop welfare. At Starbucks, partners (employees) are motivated by providing legendary customer service and taking care of our partners. Starbucks partners are 100% team-focused–because it’s not about the individual partner. We are uniquely bound by our shared values and a connection to a much bigger mission – creating the Starbucks Experience for customers each and every day. At Starbucks, people come first and great examples of this can be found in our CEO’s, Howard Schultz, book, Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life without Losing Its Soul. We invite you to learn more about our mission and values and company news.

Gather Intel. When serving in the military, you begin by planning, gathering information, prioritizing objectives, and creating a strategy before taking action and completing the mission. Launching your job search at Starbucks is a lot like the process you followed when you wore the uniform. Visit the Starbucks Career Center to review descriptions and qualifications of job opportunities in your areas of interest. In addition, take a look at our overall benefits and compensation package. As you evaluate the job opportunity, think about your short and long-term career goals and how the experiences and skills you will gain in the role fits in to the bigger picture for your career.

Build your Network. With over 300,000 partners working in more than 23,000 stores located in 72 countries around the world, you can never have too many connections with Starbucks partners. Think outside the box by talking with partners who can assist in your job search at Starbucks and help you develop a plan to achieve your overall career goals. Establish relationships with store partners in your local area, and recruiters and hiring managers at military career fairs and recruitment events. You can also engage with us on our social channels: LinkedInTwitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Highlight your accomplishments. Build a resume that features your individual accomplishments, use a design that amplifies your strengths, and avoid the military performance report format. As you reflect on your accomplishments and experiences, focus on highlighting, quantifying and qualifying what you have done. Be concise, and write in action-oriented terms and results. Find a job description that fits your interests and build a relevant resume which speaks directly to what makes you a qualified candidate for the job.

Prepare for your interviews. When preparing for interviews at Starbucks review behavioral-based questions which focus on the interviewee (you) providing specific examples of situations that help interviewers understand how you will solve problems and produce successful results. Practice answering interview questions using the STAR (Situation, Task, Action and Result) method to ensure you clearly articulate past experiences and how they relate to the job opportunity. Reflect on individual accomplishments throughout your military service and how the experiences are relevant.

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