The Starbucks internship program is your chance to be highly innovative and collaborative in a supportive environment, and to demonstrate your leadership potential.

Based at our Corporate Headquarters in Seattle, Washington, the program runs for 10-12 weeks during the summer months. It is designed to provide a robust and meaningful experience that includes high impact, business-relevant projects with well-defined goals and deliverables. You’ll have access to professional development and mentorship, leadership exposure, and Starbucks and Seattle immersion activities.

Often times we offer our interns a full time opportunity. So at the end of the summer, your performance will be formally evaluated in consideration of a full-time career upon graduation.

Program Benefits

We’re proud to offer competitive pay to all interns, plus housing assistance for students based outside of the Seattle area.

Other program benefits include:

  • A free pound a week of whole bean coffee (or tea, K-Cup® Packs, etc.), plus all the handcrafted beverages you can drink.
  • Discounted food, beverages and merchandise in our company-operated retail stores.
  • The chance to spend the summer in Seattle—an amazing city.
  • The opportunity to network with a community of interns and partners at all levels across the organization.

How do I apply?

Starbucks recruits internship candidates through a variety of outreach activities during the year. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn for updates on our application periods.

Partner Stories

Our interns are assigned a customized, business-relevant project plan and are given the support to achieve their project goals as well as the opportunity to explore, innovate and develop throughout the summer.

Jennifer, a Starbucks intern alumni and current partner, explains it this way: “I always feel like I’m growing and learning here, and I’ve been given the best leadership team that I could ever imagine. My leaders are not only supportive and nurturing, but also care about my opportunities for growth and career development. It is an exciting time to be at Starbucks with all of the diversified brands that have emerged even beyond coffee – the career opportunities are endless!”

Carolyn, a Starbucks intern alumni returning this year as a full-time partner shares, “I entered graduate school with a passion for the food and beverage industry, and I am getting to pursue that dream at a company whose values I deeply respect. I'm also getting to learn a huge amount about the food industry, product development, finance, R&D, and more! Working at Starbucks is hugely cross-functional and you're always exploring and learning something new.”