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When the Folkie Meets the Rocker

Starbucks compilation When Folk Meets Rock

You may remember a long-running series of commercials. In each, one person is distractedly enjoying a particular sweet while a second equally preoccupied person is strolling along consuming a popular legume paste. Approaching from opposite directions they bump into one another, accidently entwining their treats in the process. Viola! A discovery is made! The two flavors are quite tasty when blended together!

That’s sorta, kinda the story behind our new compilation When Folk Meets Rock. It’s the 1960s and you have this rockin’ lot that’s plugging in and making a beautiful noise, and there are these folkies with their acoustic guitars writing heavy, introspective songs. The former want to be taken more seriously and the latter want to let loose and dance for a change. They put their heads together and folk rock is born.

The 15-track When Folk Meets Rock contains selections from the genesis of the folk-rock movement: Bob Dylan’s “She Belongs to Me,” the Byrds’ “I’ll Feel a Whole Lot Better” and Donovan’s “Celeste.” And it follows an ongoing story, into the ‘70s and up through today, with gems from active artists such as Belle & Sebastian, José González and Josh Ritter.

Folk rock as a sound (if not always as a term) has appealed to audiences and artists for a half-century because, to amend an old commercial slogan, they’re two great sounds that sound great together.

Check out the compilation and let us know what you think!

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