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What Your Bagel Says About Your Mood

When you’re picking out a New York Style bagel, how do you choose? Do you always pick the same kind, or do you venture into new bagel territory? Maybe it depends on your mood. Which of these best fits the way you feel today?

Plain: It’s a no-nonsense kind of day. Today you will speak your mind and get the job done without a lot of fuss and fanfare. It’s your day to look straight ahead and declare, “Bring it.” Note: Plain is not a polite way of saying “boring,” so don’t let the name keep you from admitting that this is where you are. Sorry to interrupt. You may proceed.

Multigrain: You’ve got a lot of running around to do (including a half hour session on the treadmill), so you’re feeling inspired to keep your nutrition on track today. You don’t have time to be constantly rummaging around (your gym bag) for snacks, so so it’s a good day for wholesome food and all that other stuff you know is good for you (ahem….exercise?).

Everything with Cheese: Was that you that just bounced by? Your enthusiastic take-it-all-on attitude today is contagious and downright intriguing. It’s just a matter of channeling all of that zest into one or two of your bazillion passions – and how do you even choose which ones? You don’t want to miss anything – or anyone, so you find a way to have it all, of course!

Tell us: What’s your bagel mood today?

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