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What Is Your Community Story?

As I look ahead to celebrating the Global Month of Service, I can say with confidence that my story began on Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2008.

This was the date when 10,000 partners came together in New Orleans to give back to a community devastated by a natural disaster. The number of families we helped during the course of that one day was unbelievable. And 10,000 partners walked away from that experience knowing what’s possible when people unite for a common goal.

Last November, my district decided to collect basic personal supplies (soap, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.) in our stores for Fill a Stocking, Fill a Heart. This nonprofit organization provides low-income families with holiday stockings filled with essential items. We delivered 1,000 such items to their headquarters and also helped with the setup for their annual fundraising dinner. With 12 fellow partners and less than four hours, we turned an impersonal banquet room into a vivid and lively space.

As we left the event, one of my store managers said, “Without us, there’s no way they could have hosted their dinner. What we just did was amazing. Thank you.” I knew right then that my manager had created her own personal community story.

Next month is the Global Month of Service, and our partners and customers will have an unprecedented opportunity – and obligation – to bring about meaningful change within our communities. To help partners, family members and customers create their own “community stories,” we need to invite them to our events and we need to share our own stories. So now I ask you: when did your community story begin?

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