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We Made it a Day On, Not a Day Off

When I started as a Starbucks partner in 1996, we were opening up new markets on the East Coast and doing everything we could to let people know about Starbucks and what we believed in. We were passionate about giving back to the communities that welcomed us.

I’m so fortunate to have participated in store openings in Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Starbucks partners (employees) have always proudly represented our values at AIDS walks, breast cancer walks, park cleanups and youth events. Where there was passion for a cause, there were Starbucks partners and lots of coffee to keep everyone going.

Fifteen years later, I can tell you that we are as passionate as ever about giving back to communities. This year, I was in the Washington, D.C. market with a group of 120 partners who humbled me with their passion to give back. For MLK Day, we challenged ourselves to “make it a day on instead of a day off.”

Here’s a snapshot of the partners who inspired me on that day. As we approach our Global Month of Service, in April, the partners of D.C. are so excited to come together in support of the environment, food banks and young leaders.

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