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We Live Together, Let’s Give Together

Starbucks baristas and customers have been supporting communities together for a while now. Whether it’s working side by side at community service projects or making contributions to disaster relief efforts, we’re proud of what we’ve done and are looking forward to how much more we can still achieve.

Throughout April, we’re offering a new way for you to help us support communities in the United States by helping us decide where to invest $4 million from the Starbucks Foundation.

It’s called Community Card: Vote. Give. Grow., and here’s how it works: we’ve identified 124 non-profit organizations that are addressing holistic needs in their communities like education, employment and housing.

Starting this week, sign in to your Starbucks account at and browse organizations in your area by city or state. Cast a vote for the non-profit you want to support, and then come back every week in April to vote again. The last day to vote is April 30.

Let’s support communities, together. All it takes is a click or two … or three … or four.

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    • Archena
    • 4/3/2012 2:02 PM

    Thank you Starbucks for all that you do!!!

    • gldreger
    • 4/4/2012 5:15 AM

    Terrific ownership of the community. Look around and lend a hand!

    • sherrypackham
    • 4/4/2012 6:55 AM

    Homeless thru Samaritan Inn.

    • jaja7171
    • 4/4/2012 7:04 AM

    I see above that the company identified the non-profit organizations itself that qualify to be apart of the program. How can an organization name get placed on the list and is this side of the program a one time deal (those who address housing, education, employment)?

      • Starbucks Starbucks
      • 4/9/2012 10:36 AM

      In reply to: jaja7171

      Thanks for your interest, jaja7171. We’re hopeful we’ll be able to offer this program again. Once complete, we’ll evaluate how effectively we met our goals. We’ll certainly share our decision and let customers and NGOs know how they can engage. - Anna C.

    • brittanyskelton
    • 4/5/2012 9:15 AM

    Over-the-Rhine Community Housing in Cincinnati, OH is proud to have been selected by Starbucks to be a part of the Community Card: VOTE.GIVE.GROW. program! Thank you Starbucks for this community based initiative!

      • 1rauthe
      • 4/7/2012 2:18 PM

      In reply to: brittanyskelton

      Community Action Partnership of Northwest Montana helped over 15,000 low-income individuals in rural northwest Montana last year! Thank you Starbucks for helping us to achieve our mission of Helping People and Changing Lives.

    • bbond1988
    • 4/15/2012 8:45 AM
    • 4/18/2012 9:43 AM

    Great opportunity, Anna C!

    My fingers are crossed that you can expand your list of community non-profits to include those which help our wildlife neighbors as well--I'm speaking up for them because they have no voice, but we all take pleasure from sharing the world with them.

    • katiemb17
    • 4/19/2012 5:07 AM

    I think this is a wonderful thing. People need to recognize the needs in their communities.

    • badsyramos
    • 4/25/2012 10:29 AM

    I really enjoy your skinny mocha. Can I order the sugar free chocolate from you? How much is it? Thank you.

    • jameswhudgens
    • 4/30/2012 8:56 AM

    Thank You !! The Star Buckerooos rule !!!~!!!

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