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Twilight Saga: Eclipse – The Vampires Are Alright

So, when it comes to discussing the Twilight Saga’s supernatural denizens, it often breaks into different camps. Edward or Jacob? I’m an Edward Cullen man myself. I mean, it’s great to be voted “Wolfboy with Best Biceps” in your high school yearbook and all, but can you sparkle like a diamond in the sunlight? Didn’t think so. I realize Twilight’s author Stephenie Meyer has created her own newfangled vampire lore, but frankly when it comes to vampires versus werewolves, it’s no contest.

One thing about this modern generation of cinematic undead, or lycanthropes for that matter, they love them some indie rock. Organ music just doesn’t cut it any more. That was Grandpa Nosferatu’s silent-era music. And the Count Dracula of the 1931 film, Dracula, may have been state of the art with the Western Electric Sound System, but it was still in mono, despite the valiant effort of uncredited composer Heinz Roemheld.

Classical music is fine and appropriately period, but Generation New Fangs has grown progressively more raucous in its demands for indie rock. Near Dark (1987) had the Cramps. On TV, Buffy The Vampire Slayer (early-’90s) dug Nerf Herder and Garbage, and True Blood shakes the shack with Cobra Verde and the Watson Twins, to name but a few. Even The Lost Boys were into Echo and the Bunnymen. Let’s face it, you’re a much hipper vampire if you’re contemplating phlebotomies to the sounds of Bon Iver.

The soundtrack to the latest installment of the Twilight Saga is no exception to the rule. A little more mainstream perhaps (nothin’ wrong with that), but impressive listening nonetheless. With a lineup that boasts Metric and Muse to Beck/Bat For Lashes and the Black Keys, it assures Bella, Edward and Jacob of many more mash-worthy moments. You can stake (your claim to) a copy at Starbucks coffeehouses on Tuesday, June 8.

And, finally, to answer your burning question: nope, there isn’t any Bonnie Tyler on this soundtrack. Yep, “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” does seem, um, Taylor-made for it. Ah well. They missed the schooner there.

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