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Treat Receipt is Back!

The summer sun is heating up and what better way to beat the heat than celebrating the return of treat receipt! This is the perfect way to cool off on any hot summer day with a cold Grande hand-crafted drink for only $2 (plus applicable tax). My favorite summer drink is our Tazo® Iced Passion Tea Lemonade with its blend of hibiscus herbal tea and tangy lemonade sweetened to perfection. This pink hued drink pairs perfectly with flip flops, sunglasses and a sunny summer day.

And, starting this year, our friends in Canada can take advantage of treat receipt – same refreshing beverages, same price $2 (plus applicable tax). Many of you already know the drill, but it’s easy to take advantage of Treat Receipt, just come in anytime before 2 p.m. for your regular morning drink and return after 2 p.m. with your receipt in hand for any cold hand crafted beverage for only $2 (plus applicable tax).

Treat Receipt is available at participating stores.

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