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Three Is A Magic Number

Who remembers Schoolhouse Rock? You know – the amazingly groovy and educational Saturday morning TV show that first aired in 1973 and taught us so much about grammar, American history and math through the rhythm of song.

My favorite song from the series was called “Three is a Magic Number.” And our new 3 Region Blend coffee available May 4 confirms that three really is a magic number.

To create this blend, we layered together coffees from all three growing regions – Latin America, Africa/Arabia and Asia/Pacific – to produce a cup that is lush, deep, complex and refreshingly refined. For the first time in our history we have a recipe that highlights all the growing regions from which we buy coffee.

The time of year we are offering this unprecedented blend makes this coffee possible. It just happens to be the magical season when the three regions are all producing coffee at the peak of flavor and freshness. Each coffee has just arrived from origin to our green coffee warehouses ready to be roasted and delivered to our stores. All are fully washed, highest-quality arabica coffees with an amazing array of aromas and flavors.

I encourage everyone to try it. See if you can pick out the rhythms of the flavors you know and love from each growing region. I think you will find the coffee to be just as magical as the number three itself. Enjoy!

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