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The Vegas Way

Vegas: Class Acts of the Vegas Strip

Most of the CDs we produce around here center on musicians. But our new Vegas collection features entertainers!

The distinction is admittedly a bit squishy, but vital. There is something fundamentally different about the scene that grew up in the Nevada desert following World War II, especially when measured against what was going on in jazz and, later on, rock circles. The pop performers who flourished in Las Vegas were certainly serious about their music, but they came from a show-biz tradition that emphasized good times over great art.

The goal was to get the crowd laughing, make ‘em a little misty eyed, bring them on their feet for an ovation and send them out the door feeling like they got a real bang for their buck. A truly demanding agenda, when you think about it.

The likes of Dean Martin, Peggy Lee, Bobby Darin and Ann-Margaret were comfortable onstage in the casinos, as well as on television and films sets. Like all pros, they aimed to hit their notes, but they also had to deliver a zinger and synchronize passably with the chorus line … all the while looking fabulous in a tux or glittering gown!

So keep the big picture in mind when listening to the 16 selections on Vegas: Class Acts of the Vegas Strip. The guys and gals here aren’t just singing songs. They’re putting on a show!

And remember to tip your waitress.

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    • Junior298
    • 1/17/2011 9:01 PM

    A little before my time, but sure heard it all before. My folks favorite music artists all in one ‘CD’. Cool!

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