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The Starbucks App is Now Drive-Thru Friendly!

Hey! Mobile payment through the Starbucks app is now accepted in our drive-thrus! You told us that you wanted this super fast way to pay in our drive-thrus as well as inside the store, and we’re excited to deliver.

It might seem like an easy addition, but implementing mobile pay in the drive-thru took a few more considerations than it did inside the store. For one, we needed something that would allow you to perform the scan yourself, rather than handing your phone over to us. 

Plus, we needed a scanner that would still provide a smooth experience when the weather acts up and at night when it’s harder to see, and one that you could comfortably reach from various car heights.

You’ll love what we’ve come up with, not just because it’s fast and easy, but (and here’s the really cool part) you can now collect Stars for your My Starbucks Rewards account in the drive-thru with your mobile pay app, too!

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