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The Return of Starbucks Tribute Blend

Tribute Blend is back

It’s true. We said we’d never bring it back. Starbucks Tribute Blend® was intended to be a once-in-a-lifetime coffee, created to celebrate you and the coffee producing communities around the world that grow the premium beans we’re so proud of. It’s a blend of four distinct coffees from around the world, incorporating the qualities each coffee growing region is famous for. The result is a spicy, full-bodied coffee with exotic notes of berry and dark cherry and a lush, syrupy mouthfeel. And you loved it.

You loved it so much you begged our baristas to bring it back. You sent us emails, left messages on Facebook and asked for its return on My Starbucks Idea.

So, because you loved it so much, we brought it back. In honor of you, and thanks to you, Starbucks Tribute Blend returns. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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