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The Power of an Hour

Each of us knows how to make the best of an hour, particularly when every minute counts. An hour might be all it takes to get the laundry done, to squeeze in a workout, to cram for a test or to generally lead us closer to achieving our own personal goals.

But that brief unit of time can also make a world of difference in the life of another or in the health of a community. For Starbucks second annual Global Month of Service, we challenge you to harness the power of the hour throughout April to help your community thrive.

We’re allotted 24 of them every day. To make a difference, it only takes one. Read on for five ways volunteers will be supporting their communities in just an hour.

1. On April 25 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, ten volunteers are gathering at Crossroads Mall for an hour to assemble care packages to send to our troops overseas.

2. On March 31 in Olympia, Washington, a group of 300 REI-hosted volunteers will spend an hour picking up litter and fixing up trails at Priest Point Park.

3. In Chagrin Falls, Ohio on April 19, volunteers will spend an hour collecting food for the Chagrin Falls Park Community Center that will be distributed to families in need in the throughout Geauga County.

4. On April 19 in Nanaimo, British Columbia, 120 volunteers will work with the Downtown Nanaimo Business Improvement Association for one hour to clean up downtown Nanaimo.

5. Starting at 6pm on April 28 in Yuma, Arizona, volunteers will each walk for an hour for a 24 hour-long relay to raise money for cancer research.

Be prepared – if you haven’t volunteered before, your first hour might inspire you to see the impact that a few additional hours can make. Visit the Starbucks Community Service website to find volunteer opportunities in your area. To date, we’ve collectively donated 100,000 hours to communities around the world. With your help, it won’t be long before we reach our goal of one million hours per year by 2015. Now that’s time well-spent.

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    • Archena
    • 3/30/2012 1:31 PM

    Nice work Starbucks ! Maybe some down here in Metro Atlanta

    • Critic1
    • 4/28/2012 3:52 PM

    So wait--I don't see why Starbucks claims credit for any of this. Starbucks employees are giving their own time, unpaid, to do community activities. Other people in the community, who have no formal ties to Starbucks, are also giving their own time, unpaid. What exactly is Starbucks as a corporation giving to these public service activities? A tee-shirt with your logo on it? That's just free advertising. What money is Starbucks laying on the table for community activities? Show me the $$$!

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