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The Original Three Region Blend is Back!

Three Region Blend

Starbucks Tribute Blend™ is a great blend of coffees. The aged Sumatra component, a cornerstone of our most popular offerings, mixes beautifully with other coffees from Latin America and Africa/Arabia to make a great cup.

You may be asking yourself though – which Starbucks blend was the first to venture down the delicious path of combining coffees from all three growing regions: Latin America, Africa/Arabia and Asia/Pacific? Here’s a hint. It wasn’t our Starbucks Tribute Blend™.

Instead, it’s the aptly named Three Region Blend that owns the coveted OTRB (Original Three Region Blend) title from Starbucks. It’s a wonderful blend of coffees from East Africa, Central America and Papua New Guinea with lush floral and herbal notes.

Last year was the first time we introduced Three Region Blend to you, and we’re bringing it back because many of you said “I love this blend!” The coffee offers an amazingly balanced cup with flavors of herbs, lemons and currants. It can be enjoyed all summer long!

Interestingly, when our coffee team set out to make a new summertime blend, we didn’t start with the intention of creating a blend from the three growing regions. But after working with a number of recipes, we came up with a lush, well-balanced cup that just happened to draw on beans from around the world. So we thought, “What better way to celebrate the world of coffee?” and Three Region Blend was born!

Have fun and enjoy a cup of coffee from the world’s coffee farmers to you.

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