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The New Starbucks Reserve™ Coffees

Just as I look forward to the changing of the leaves at the beginning of fall, I also am excited about the new Starbucks Reserve™ coffees arriving in our stores on October 5.

Aged Sulawesi Kalosi is an intense cup with a syrupy, full body. It has spicy-sweet and a rich toasted marshmallow flavors. The coffee was grown by 12 farmers located around Tana Toraja and Baraka in southern Sulawesi. It was harvested in 2005 and has been aged for the last 5 years. The aging process creates the incredible flavor and mouthfeel that this has to offer.

El Salvador Montecarlos Estate Pacamara features a pungent herbal flavor, assertive acidity and citrusy finish. This coffee is produced by the Montecarlos Estate in the region of Ahuachapán. Two-thirds of the farm is planted with coffee and one-third is part of a cloud forest inside the crater of a volcano. Pacamara is the coffee variety – known for its high quality and large bean size.

Brazil Sul de Minas Peaberry has a balanced acidity and medium body with a milk chocolate flavor. This is produced by small holder farmers in the areas of Sul de Minas and Cerrado, located in southeastern Brazil. A peaberry is a round-shaped bean that forms when one of the two flat-sided beans in the coffee cherry fails to grow. The remaining small bean assumes a rounded pea shape. This occurs in less than 10% of the beans of a typical arabica crop.

Fair Trade Nicaragua Corcasan is smooth with the flavors of chocolate and burnt sugar. This coffee is produced by the Cooperativa Corcasan, a cooperative of 250 farmers created in 1994 in the municipality of San Juan del Rio Coco. In addition to being Fair Trade Certified™, this coffee is also C.A.F.E. Practices verified and organic certified.

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    • tetvet
    • 1/17/2011 2:32 PM

    I find it to be disappointing as to mention of the Reserve Coffees as items to enjoy, and to be able to get through 'online purchase' and through 'select stores' when that is NOT a true statement.The Aged Sulawesi Kalosi, Galapagos, Brazil Peaberry and Nicaraguan Reserve coffees are NOT available online and they are NOT available through the designated 'specialty store' at Lake Forest Park, WA.I feel that these coffees, as well as the other Reserve Coffees, SHOULD be avail

    • 1/5/2014 3:52 PM

    Where can I find Pea Berry Coffee. I had it several years ago and have been looking for it ever since.

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