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The Joy of Christmas, Even On the Go

Christmas has many memories for me – the childhood ones are glowing, happy thoughts of tinsel-decked trees, crisp New England air with the chance of snow, and the delightful anticipation of Christmas morning’s presents.

Now as a working adult living in a Seattle condo, I enjoy the milder Northwestern winters and have a small tree that isn’t any higher than my waist – but I still love the season, especially since I can now enjoy a cup of spiced eggnog or mulled wine with my holiday dinners.

There’s only one aspect of the holidays that has been a major downgrade from when I was a child, and that can be summed up in a single word: travel. With my entire family living on the other side of the country, I inevitably get on a plane every year right in the heart of the busiest travel season. I’ve encountered every conceivable delay: snow storms, plane trouble, inexplicably canceled flights, missed connections and on and on.

I’ve spent the night in an airport more times than I care to recall. Knowing that I will inevitably end up wandering around an airport late at night, somewhere in the middle of the country, exhausted and trying to kill a few hours until my next flight is a daunting part of the holiday season.

This year, I’m preparing myself before I head to the airport – by stashing packets of Starbucks VIA® Christmas Blend in my carry-on. Anywhere I can find a cup of hot water, any time of day or night, I’ll be able to make myself a spicy, seasonal cup to brighten up my trip.

I’ve been a fan of our Christmas Blend for a long time for its earthy, full-bodied taste – and the ability to carry it with me in instant form will brighten up the one dark spot in my holiday season. And I’ll be sure to pack a little extra to share the joy with my family as well.

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