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The Beginning of the End of AIDS Starts With You

(RED)Rush to Zero

I’m excited to tell you about a new campaign we’re launching at (RED) this summer called (RED)Rush to Zero. From June 1-10, we’re inviting the world to BE (RED) during 10 days dedicated to fighting AIDS. We’re bringing together brands, celebrities, gamers, music fans and consumers around the world through a series of special events and digital experiences to raise funds and awareness, and Starbucks is participating.

On Foursquare, check in to any Starbucks store in the U.S. and Canada June 1 – 10, and Starbucks will contribute $1 (up to $250,000) to the Global Fund to fight AIDS, and you’ll get a badge to show your support.

It’s a simple action, but the difference it can make is exponential. Every time you’ve purchased a (RED) beverage on World AIDS DAY, chosen (STARBUCKS)RED products or visited Starbucks during a (RED) promotion, your actions have added up. To date, Starbucks has contributed over $10 million to the Global Fund to fight AIDS through their partnership with (RED).

What does $10 million mean? In sub-Saharan Africa, $10 million can mean a year of life-saving treatment for nearly 70,000 people living with HIV. The same treatment that keeps people with HIV alive can also stop the transmission of HIV from a pregnant mother to her baby. While today and every day 1,000 babies will be born with HIV, by 2015 that number can be virtually zero.

To date, (RED) has raised over $190 million, which has reached more than 14 million people affected by HIV/AIDS on the ground in Africa. With your support, we will see a day when we beat this disease.

Join us at to learn how you can purchase your favorite (RED) products at our many partner locations; see great shows at (RED) concert venues featuring artists like The Black Keys, Death Cab for Cutie, Coldplay and the Killers; and sign up for the (RED)Rush Games – a global donate-to-play video game tournament featuring prizes and celebrity match-ups.

With thanks & warm wishes,

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    • Mammaw50
    • 6/2/2012 8:58 PM

    I will always support RED! I feel we all need to think about the future of our younger ones.

    • 6/3/2012 5:25 PM

    I setup a foursquare account just to be able to help. Two of my check-ins did not register as RED. The stores were not food service or franchise. Please make sure foursquare is giving all the correct info to you. If two of mt visits did not register how many more are out there?

    • JohnLocke12
    • 6/12/2012 7:53 AM

    We have spent vast sums of money, borrowed from our children, and GW gave the most to Africa than any other POTUS in past or present history. What has the current president done besides allowing those with HIV to emmigrate here? How many spare Americans do we have? Thousands will become victims of rape and murder. Shall we cheer the ongoing suffering and loss? Will we finance our own disspossesion? Well, we are already!

    • fuchs6275
    • 6/12/2012 7:28 PM

    Oklahoma SuperSonics : Thanks again Howard Shultz

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