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Thank You for 30 Inspiring Days of Service

Some incredible stories have come out of our second annual Global Month of Service, a 30-day event that mobilized partners (employees) and customers from around the globe to make a difference in their communities.

In Nashville, Tenn., 500 volunteers collectively donated 2,000 hours of service to transform a tract of land impacted by the city’s 2010 floods into a working and teaching urban farm. The new farm will host afterschool youth programs and provide food for citizens in need.

In Vancouver, B.C., 250 volunteers descended upon the Strathcona Community Centre, a hub for inner city youth programs in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, to build pathways, planter boxes, cubicles and storage shelves – achieving in a day what it would have taken the center a year to do without help.

In San Francisco, Calif., a generous resident and local bus fleet owner donated eight vehicles to transport 760 volunteers to five project sites in five districts, where they planted trees, painted over graffiti and cleaned parks and roadways.

And in Shanghai, China, 395 volunteers spent an afternoon refurbishing the Gumei community in the Minhang District and coaching locals on reusing waste materials and organic gardening. “We will grow the plants carefully,” said one elderly resident after volunteers constructed a new private garden for him and his wife, “and we hope to eat strawberries that we plant with our own hands.”

I too have a story to tell. My daughters and I joined a group of local partners to paint a mural in Seattle’s White Center neighborhood, a diverse community where Starbucks has worked in the past to help clean the parks and help reduce crime.  It was especially meaningful to watch my daughters work side-by-side with the other volunteers to make a difference in our community.

We all lead busy lives with constant demands on our time. Thank you for carving out time to join Starbucks in service this month. Your contribution has uplifted communities around the world. Let’s continue on our service journey together, and build upon the great work that took place in April. Visit to join a project in your local neighborhood.

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    • JohnLocke12
    • 5/9/2012 12:37 PM

    Where I come from we don't feel the need to brag about helping others. We just do it. Question concensus and the dogma that diversity is strength.

    • geo26r
    • 5/12/2012 3:48 AM

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