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Sun-Dried Ethiopia Harrar™ Coffee – A Favorite Returns

Starbucks Reserve Sun-Dried Ethiopia Harrar

I’ve worked for Starbucks for more than 10 years, and Ethiopia Harrar™ coffee has long been a favorite of mine. Its unique characteristics never cease to amaze me. As soon as I received our special, new package of Sun-Dried Ethiopia Harrar™ coffee, I couldn’t wait to share it!

So I asked Candace, a 5-year Starbucks veteran, to do a tasting with me. When we opened the bag, the smell of dried berries and spicy notes filled the air. As soon as the juicy complexity hit my tongue, I was reminded of how unique this coffee can be.

Sun-drying brings out the coffee’s wild, unpredictable side while delivering a decadent rich and chocolaty flavor. Candace commented that the berry flavor and smell stands out so much that you'd forget you were drinking a cup of black coffee.

We invited some people in the store to share in a tasting, building excitement for the release of this Starbucks Reserve® coffee. We sat together smelling the beans, looking at the grounds and describing what we tasted and how it made us feel. Quickly we were reminded how a great cup of coffee can bring us together to create a special experience.

This coffee has always been special to those of us who work at Starbucks, and we hope it becomes one of your favorites too. Share a cup with your favorite people soon! You’ll be glad you did.

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