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Straight Out of New York

New York Style Everything with Cheese Bagel

All over the country and on My Starbucks Idea we’ve heard you’re craving New York style bagels – with that signature, slightly crisp outside and soft and chewy inside.

Now our bagels are better than ever. Straight out of New York, our new bagels have the authentic texture you want and the delicious taste you crave.

While many of us agree that New York bagels are the best, the real question is “How do you eat them?” We promise we won’t judge – you can enjoy your bagel any way you want! Here are the most popular ways to enjoy a Starbucks New York style bagel:

  • The Purist – These regulars believe bagels must be enjoyed immediately and that spreads are a serious no-no because a great bagel doesn’t need them.
  • The Toaster – This group believes most things taste better warm, including bagels, and the yummy toastiness makes cream cheese infinitely more spreadable.
  • The Dipper – Too busy for toasting or spreading, the tear-and-dip method gets them the bagel and cream cheese experience in the fastest time possible.

I enjoy my Everything with Cheese Bagel toasted and topped with cream cheese spread. How do you enjoy your bagel?

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