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Start Your Journey with House Blend

House Blend is one of those coffees often forgotten by people who favor more “exciting” blends like Gold Coast Blend® or Caffè Verona®. However, House Blend is a special coffee all on its own and it holds an important place in our lineup.

In addition to it being a blend of the fine Latin America beans, it is a perfect balance of body, acidity and flavor that makes it easy to drink. It’s also a perfect introduction to our whole bean offerings.

One of my favorite experiences to share with House Blend is a coffee tasting. New Starbucks partners (employees) compare House Blend brewed in a coffee press to a commercial coffee – the kind our parents and grandparents drank. It is this tasting in particular that helps people develop an appreciation for our coffee – it’s when you first realize there is something special in the cup. Even the most inexperienced coffee drinkers identify the difference in colors, smells and flavors as they slurp. I often hear the commercial coffee smells like “hay” or “grass.” When you smell House Blend, it smells like a roasty, sweet cup of delicious coffee.

The House Blend tasting demonstrates what a high-quality arabica coffee should taste like, and what our roast can do to enhance the character of the coffee. It also starts to build your confidence when tasting coffee because you can easily identify what sets a Starbucks coffee apart from the others. I would encourage everyone to try this tasting; it is something you can easily do at home or in your favorite Starbucks store. Let the journey begin!

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