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Go shopping Goes Responsive

Have you noticed a difference in the look and feel of when you pull up the site on your cell phone?

Over the past year we’ve noticed a big change in the way you’re getting to – more and more often, you’re visiting us on your mobile and tablet devices instead of your laptops or desktops. Great news, but the trouble was, the experience on our website wasn’t ideal for these devices – until now.

Like many websites, when you viewed on a phone or tablet, the words, links, and menus were too small, and it was cumbersome to zoom and scroll your way around the site. With the help of Responsive Web Design, a new approach to building websites, is now easier to use on a wide range of devices and screen sizes.

This post you’re reading, and almost every other page on, is now built in a flexible manner that is optimized for almost any device with access to the Internet. We also made sure that our videos work whether you have Flash installed or not.

So whether you’re looking for a Starbucks store nearby on your tablet, checking your balance from your cell phone or sending a Starbucks Card eGift to a friend from your laptop, we got you covered.

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