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Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew in the Streets of Vancouver

As Vancouver geared up to welcome the world to their city, so did Starbucks. This was the perfect opportunity to showcase Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew. As we took to the streets, we thought of it simply as a chance to get people to try it and love it. We soon discovered Starbucks VIA® has already made its way around the world and become a favorite among many Starbucks enthusiasts.

On our first day of sampling, the team served a huge variety of folks and encountered a lot of interesting characters. As people started arriving, we began handing out Starbucks VIA® packets along with Vancouver street maps, which generated many appreciative smiles. One gentleman exclaimed “I took a trip to Nicaragua and brought a ton of VIA with me. I couldn’t live without it.”

The next morning it was rainy and cold with a lot of conversation about the weather, but once the team got people sampling Starbucks VIA®, the conversation quickly shifted to this new way to enjoy coffee.

Many were surprised at how easy it was to make and were delighted by the taste. One gentleman told us he was going to purchase Starbucks VIA® to take to the events. Another customer commented, “I was in Kenya and someone visiting our group yelled out ‘Who would like Starbucks coffee?’ We all rushed to her and she gave us VIA Ready Brew.”

During the next few days the team heard many languages, but the iconic Starbucks logo got people’s attention no matter what language they spoke. Samples flew off the trays and comments like “Better than any instant I've ever had,” “This is instant?” and “I can't say enough good things about it” were heard all around. There were so many customers sampling our coffee that we basically felt like TV announcers broadcasting the coffee taste of Starbucks VIA® all around the world.

As our product samples and maps disappeared, people were enthusiastic about the experience. By the end of each day, we had exhausted voices but big smiles and happy memories to walk away with.

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