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Starbucks Digital Network Welcomes TakePart


The Starbucks Digital Network is honored to announce a new content partnership with the influential social action network TakePart. TakePart’s Take Action: 30 Ways for 30 Days monthly action calendar is now a regular feature on our My Neighborhood channel. If you’re currently connected to the Starbucks Digital Network, you can view the calendar here. Each week we highlight a simple daily action from the calendar that we can all take to inspire change, such as saying “Hello” to a stranger or donating a tweet to a good cause. 30 Ways for 30 Days is a great spur for positive social change. We’re excited to take part, and hope that you are too.

We are constantly developing the Starbucks Digital Network to deliver great content, services and opportunities to our WiFi connected friends in Starbucks stores, and your comments and suggestions are invaluable. Please continue to share your ideas with us at My Starbucks Idea.

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    • IAnodonnell
    • 1/10/2012 8:37 AM


    • maniro
    • 5/13/2012 9:46 PM

    Hi, How does Old Fasion butter pecan Frap? mmmmm that would be the bomb for all Old fasion butter pecan lovers : ) mmmmmm

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