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Starbucks Coffee Bags Get a New Look

New Starbucks coffee packaging

Noticed a change in the appearance of our coffee packaging in Starbucks stores? One of the many things we do in Starbucks Global Creative is create the artwork and designs you see on those packages.

We all know how confusing it can be to shop the coffee aisle at the grocery store. Our new coffee packaging makes it easier to find your favorite coffee or discover a new one you might enjoy because our coffees are now categorized by roast – each with its own color mark (yellow, orange and purple). Now you can easily find the roast you like (Blonde, Medium or Dark) and the blend you like within that roast. These new pearlescent white bags are already showing up in our retail stores and will be in grocery aisles everywhere by mid-February where they will proudly stand out on the shelf.

The original coffee bag art lives on in updated icons that not only make it easy to navigate among the other bags, but are direct descendants of some of the original stamp art seen on our bags for many years. Yes, the Sumatra tiger is still a tiger and the smiling sun on Breakfast Blend is still the same. But if you look closely at these coffee icons, you see echoes of the past versions in each of them.

So, take a look. Find your favorites, and maybe explore some new ones. We hope you like them as much as we do.

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