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SRCH – Round Three Recap

Round three of our SRCH by Starbucks game was unlocked at 10 a.m. PDT, Wednesday, May 25, and it posed our hardest challenge yet. Not only was the round designed to confound you, but the prizes themselves went in record time. So you had to be fast, smart and observant to claim one of the 500 $25 Starbucks eGifts we had to offer.

The first thing you noticed when you flipped over the initial clue was a bunch of dots and dashes – some of you thought that was a garbled clue or a mistake, but it was actually a message in Morse code. Once you figured out the translation, you discovered the message: “FIND SRCH PHOTOS FIVE TWENTY FIVE AND ELEVEN.”




Next you needed to do a little social media investigation to find photos posted by SRCH on several Facebook pages and through Twitter. Each photo corresponded with Morse code that translated into a number.


Once you found photos 5, 25 and 11 (on May 25, 2011), you had your next clue. The photos were of a Starbucks logo, light bulb and the number 25. This clue pointed you to where you were meant to find an idea posted by SRCH titled “Twenty-five.”


Ironically, the post was all about creating a digital scavenger hunt. If you continued to read the comments under the post, you saw one by SRCH stating: “Oh wait, Starbucks is already doing my idea. Here’s how Round 3 ends...”

The link took you to a hidden blog post where the SRCH image could be found after some extra scrolling.

Tricky, huh? But there was another, faster way to get there. Earlier, SRCH had tweeted this message: “Red herrings are the worst sort of herrings” and some of you were observant enough to read this as a warning to watch out for trips and traps. Then on the day of the contest, SRCH tweeted again that the 500 prizes were still available and provided a cryptic link. If you clicked on the link, you were taken directly to the prize page. This shortcut was a reward for those of you who were paying attention; it helped make a difficult round easier. Be warned though – SRCH won’t be making things so easy for you in the later rounds!

Hopefully you found the final link in time to claim an eGift. If not, keep at it. There are still four more rounds to go with different prizes to win. And be ready for a challenge. Things are going to keep getting harder as we go.

Good luck.

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    • adamslee
    • 5/27/2011 8:41 AM

    This one had me stumped!

    • janalynne1984
    • 5/27/2011 9:46 AM

    i tried, but didn't win... Hope today is the day!

    • abbydrago
    • 6/17/2011 12:43 PM

    I won this round but have yet to receive my prize....It's been almost a month and it's not in my inbox. I check it everyday :( Can you resend it please?

    • scourter
    • 7/2/2011 7:33 PM

    I have received the $10 and the $40 that i won... but i have not received the $25 prize yet... how can i get my prize?

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